A clear, clean image is just about what any beginner photographer aims for. People, objects, buildings, etc. getting in the way of the frame are the bane of existence for someone trying to capture a moment. Getting a nice, uninterrupted shot is usually the rule. All too often in sports, I've had a screaming celebration or thunderous dunk blocked by a referee's butt taking up my entire picture. Obstructions in the viewfinder are an obstruction to the job.
But as one becomes more experienced in photography, dares to try and be a little artistic or creative in their work, those obstructions start to creep back in- on purpose. Such lies the concept of framing, or purposely blocking out parts of your composition with foreground and background elements. Sometimes, these obstructions can add to the story instead of subtracting from them. Wooden slats can show division, confetti can add to the jubilation.
Knowing when, and how, including these obstructions is an intentional, experienced task. Anyone can point a camera and take a photo. To go beyond that requires an eye for art and a desire to create it. I encourage anyone with a passion for photography to remember to mess around and experiment sometimes. Break the rules. Sometimes it'll help tell the story. Sometime's it'll just look cool. 
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